Compatibility with internationalized domain names


I would like to setup my personal MIAB but the domain I would like to use has an accented character in it (call me a masochist, or better a mäsochist ;-)).

What is the current status of IDN support in MIAB?

Will I be able to send and receive e-mail using the accented version of my domain and not just the punycode version (which will confuse many non tech people)?

I have searched the forums and while it seems that this has improved over the years I have not found a definitive answer.

Thanks for your considerations.


This is what my admin panel says:

For aliases:
You may use international (non-ASCII) characters for the domain part of the email address only.

  • User accounts cannot contain any international (non-ASCII) characters, but [aliases]can.

A part followed by @ cannot contain ä

I guess you can create an alias. and then forward it to some regular user?

It seems that ä is ASCII? Is it?

Hello Vele,

thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately ä is not ASCII, which is a 7 bit encoding that has no space for accented, latin etc characters.

But my question was more towards understanding if in MIAB I could use a domain containing a character like ä (which seems possible), I do not foresee to have usernames/addresses/aliases with non ASCII characters.

My use case would be to have addresses like


which, according to IDN standard, can be written also like the following using only ASCII characters (punycode)


But this representation is rather ugly/suspicious looking and non tech people will not understand it.

My point is to understand if I use such a domain in MIAB the messages will be sent and received showing the domain mydomäin[dot]com and not xn–mydomin-9wa[dot]com

Sorry if I expressed myself badly


P.S. I had to rewrite the example addresses with [dot] and [at] since the forum does not allow me to write them differently

I haven’t tested it recently, but it should work fine. I have https://ツ.life/ running on my box as a test domain (but I don’t use it for email).

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Hello Josh,

thanks for your reply, honoured to have raised your attention.

In the coming 2 weeks I plan to invest some time and try setting up my domain and will give feedback so that it could be, if you deems so, added to the Domain section of the setup guide.

So long, (and thanks for all the fish) :wink:


If you have suggestions for the setup guide (which are welcome), please open a pull request to edit at main · mail-in-a-box/ · GitHub.

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