Combine two servers and domains

I’m not sure if this is possible, but from posts that I search, I’m thinking it might be.

I run two servers, one for my old company, and one for my new company, each with it’s own domain. My new company bought the old company. The old company is still running on the previous version of Ubuntu but on a great cloud server. The new one is current, but not on a great server.

I use email as my time machine, I frequently look up emails from years ago to recall lots of things. I want to move everything to the good cloud server, but keep all email and addresses of both. I know that upgrading the old one is probably my first step, but I’m not going to do that if my only option is to delete it anyway.

Can this be done reliably?

Thank you.

More information please @Calis

The server you wish to keep is the one running the old version of MiaB (pre 0.40), correct?

What are your options with that provider? Can you make snapshots? Can you get a second VPS and move the IP?

Knowing the options help forge a path forward. I can help you through this without upgrading the old server’s MiaB …

I would look into imapsync. It’s a great tool I’ve used in the past for email boxes dating back to 2005. You can move emails from a mailbox to another.

Looks like one option is to move the new server emails to the old server [MiaB pre 0.40] and than upgrade that server to the current MiaB version. Please be sure to make backups at every key point.

IMAPSYNC is indeed a great tool, but there are simpler ways to accomplish what the OP wishes to accomplish … if the OP ever comes back to this thread. @Calis

Thanks for the responses. I have the old server on Digital Ocean, and the new on is on OVH. I’m not sure of all my options, I was ready to move on this when I posted the question, then I’ve had a series of unfortunate events since then. An office remodel project turned into much, much more. My desk is now a 4 foot folding table :confused:

I will look at what my options are with those servers and get back in here with that info.

Digital Ocean has the pre 0.4.0 mail server on it. I want to stay with digital ocean as a VPS. OVH is okay, definitely cheap, but Digital Ocean has proven to be much more reliable. It looks like I can do a snapshot with both. I can follow directions pretty well, but this is getting a little bit into uncharted waters for me. I’m fine with that, it’s another chance to learn something, I just want to make sure I keep everything I need.

Hey! Yes, this is going to be a learning experience for all who reads this post … for I am going to guide you on a journey of upgrading your MiaB and then migrating email with rsync.

A few questions before we begin … do you have a general ball park idea of how much data is on each? Also, how many domains are we working with (2 is my guess) and how many email accounts in total? Another important question is how long the MiaB has been running on DO? Is it a significant time where the IP reputation is positively impacted? If so, we may want to plan to preserve that IP address.

If you’re willing @Calis please share the hostnames of both MiaB’s with me in PM. I’d like to just confirm a few things, such as IP reputation, etc.

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13 email addresses on the old with a little over 20 Gig used, running for 4 years. 8 addresses on the new, not sure what size my volume is there, running for 8 or 9 months.