Cold email/outbound prospecting

Is there anyway to successfully self host an email infrastructure in order to send cold outbound emails for legitimate reasons to potential prospects? I run a B2B cold outbound agency. We make cold calls, send cold emails, and do LinkedIn outreach.

In order to bypass Gmail and Outlook sending limits we are often required to set up multiple accounts from secondary domains i then use tools like Instantly and Smartlead to do the actual domain warm up and sending. I have seen some companies in my space start doing self hosted email infrastructures.

Examples include and These tools will create a self hosted infrastructure, still utilizing a tool like instantly or smartlead to do the warm up and sending.

I’d like to replicate something for myself rather than going through them.

Any experts here?

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People’s experience sending personal emails with self-hosted infrastructure varies a lot. Many (but not all) have significant difficulties overcoming recipient filtering. So you could extrapolate how sending only cold emails might go.

That said, I’m not sure whether cold outbound emails at scale is ever legitimate. For that reason I’m going to lock this thread.