CNAME flattening / ALIAS

Anyone know if it’s possible to use mailinabox for root CNAME flattening or ALIAS records? I’m trying to point my domain to Azure Static Web Apps but it requires a root CNAME or ALIAS. It doesn’t looks like this is supported by mailinabox. Anyone got any pointers?

Use a DNS provider which supports this … such as Cloudflare.

I have moved to using a DNS provider that supports this.

I also had a similar use case last month… I think I am going to implement the ALIAS DNS entry and ask josh if he would like to add it to MIAB :slight_smile:

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As with most things, I’m open to adding a feature if the implementation is correct, easy to use, and easy to maintain. I don’t know whether that’s possible for ALIAS-type records, but if it is, great.

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