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I recently switched my email server from iRedMail to Mail in a Box.
What a relief!!!
Mail in a box is a great product - really awesome, easy to set up and run.

However, I have a quick question, is there any way to set up a CMS website from the admin panel (Droopal or Joomla) on Mail in Box Server?
I see I can easy set up the HTML website…

I appreciate your reply, Thanks!!

If you want to host a website on MiaB, it is only for static sites.

Customizations won’t be supported by the project and may get broken with updates.

MiaB is really intended to be a standalone mail server.


Although, I got pretty excited seeing the NextCloud running along thus my thought of being able to set up the the CMS alongside.

Anyway, I appreciate the reply.
Once again, MiaB is an awesome product!


PHP can be enabled for things like getgrav and such - it is unsupported, but is an undocumented “alpha” feature.

This is true - MIAB is meant to be the ONLY thing installed on the server.

See above :slight_smile:

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Search the forum for enabling PHP - this is good for flat-file based CMS’s, wordpress might work but then you need to install MariaDB and thats 100000% not supported.

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Many thanks for all your replies! Greatly appreciated!!!

It seems like hosting the CMS website on MiaB although possible but is not really kosher.
Since my instance of MiaB is a working environment, I better stick to defaults and run my web server on a separate host.

Again, many thanks for your replies!

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I recommend using TurnKey Linux if you can manage it:

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I currently have all my CMS websites set up on my private Linux 16.04 LTE server.
I was intrigued by the possibility of simplifying my setup by running the LAMP server on MiaB.
However, I will definitely look into suggested links.

I have seen this request several times on the forum. As others have pointed out, a mail server is a vital piece of infrastructure that should have minimal downtime. The more things you place on a server the more likely you are going to experience downtime.

Having said that, I recently thought of a good way to move CMS onto a MiaB installation. You could modify the Nginx server to run on ports different than 80 and 443. That way you could install Apache to run your CMS and other web infrastructure without disturbing the MiaB installation. I have tried running the Nginx server on different ports and both control panel and Roundcube seem to work fine.

To try this you need to fork the code on GitHub and modify conf/nginx.conf to change the ports and then install MiaB from your repository. If you don’t fork the repository, then any updates to MiaB will wipe out your configuration changes in /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf. In order to get any updates to MiaB you will need to then merge them into your repository when they become available.

Also you will need to configure Apache to allow for the Letsencrypt authentication.

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Sounds like a brain surgery (to me) :slight_smile:
Nonetheless, I think the best solution would be to leave the MiaB alone and do it’s job the way it was designed to.
I learned the not to fix things that work the hard way…
The reason I posted that equation on the forum was that I thought the MiaB is designed to handle the more advanced websites especially that I can see the very basic instance of NextCloud running on the MiaB server.
Anyway, your comment is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Is the Turnkey Linux designed to run on AWS only?

They have ISO, OpenVZ, Xen, etc options. Can be ran literally anywhere that accepts the download options. AWS / TKL Hosted is a paid service however. If you are running at home, just download the ISO variant of any TLK you want to download it in any Hypervisor or physical machine.

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