Clone a MiaB installation on Digital Ocean

Hi all -

I have a functioning MIAB installed on Digital Ocean server and it’s working very well. (as expected)

I would like to knwo if there’s an efficient way to clone the server, including:

  1. Changing the domain
  2. Changing the IP address
  3. Wipe all users and emails

Is this possible? Or is it actually easier to do a fresh install?

I would fresh install. DO supports 18.04 now so the setup is super simple :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Honestly in 99% of cases (especially on Digital Ocean) the install is flawless. It would really be easier IMHO to do a fresh install. I have installed 2 MiaB’s on DO in the last week and as long as the IP address is not blacklisted there were zero issues.

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Surprisingly, my DO IP rarely get’s blacklisted, even in a block ban.

I got complacent and did not check IP’s before installing MiaB because DO droplets never had blacklisted IP’s. Set up a new instance, restored backup, THEN discovered the blacklisted IP. I learned my lesson. :frowning: Fortunately DO snapshots work well. :slight_smile:

You can easily remove yourself form most RBL’s though so I guess pick and choose.

Agreed! But the key word here is ‘most’. The specific blacklist was one that would not honor removal requests from anyone but the ISP itself. At that point, it is easier to move on than try to get support to deal with the issue.

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yikes O_O that’s not fun. Well at least it worked out!

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