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a newbie setup question for multiple domains (all handled my mailinabox’s DNS). I searched in the forum but could not find a definitive answer and I am afraid that a wrong setup may lead to blacklist etc.

Question: When setting up an email client to send/receive mail for MYDOMAIN.COM, I would want to use as IMAP/POP MAIL.MYDOMAIN.COM instead of using the server names of my Mailinabox.

Cna this be accoplised by creating a CNAME record or I am breaking something here?

Bottom line: can the mail/pop server names for a domain be aligned to the same domain name?

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No, that is not an option. If you want to use as the server name, then when you set the server up use rather than

But wait, you are talking about multiple domains, right? Mail-in-a-Box wasn’t really created to be concerned with vanity. Traditionally, mail servers served email for multiple domains, and people dis not worry about what the MX record was. The MX record was what it was. Then cPanel changed all of that.

My best suggestion to you is to use a neutral domain name for the mail server. Maybe something like

Or, you can be the guinea pig. Try adding a email account for for a few domains, then test. I know this works well for webmail access, but I imaging that it will fail miserably as the SSL certificate used by dovecot will be the main server certificate. So no, I don’t think you can actually do what you want with MiaB.

Bottom line: Probably not as dovecot will be using the server’s SSL certificate.

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u can set an A record, but the certificate will not be valid. However, in this case, a paid multi domain SSL may be the solution.

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I haven’t messed around with it, but doesn’t Let’s Encrypt support wildcard certificates?

turn out postfix in mailinabox is only 3.3, SNI is supported only in 3.4, so may need to wait

I’m having the same issue with a server migration.

letsencrypt supports multi-domain certificates - the old not-mailinabox server uses acme which handles multiple domains in it’s config. So there should be an equivalent change for mailinabox to use the same feature. (I haven’t been able to find it yet though).

the dovecot side is easily solvable, it’s the postfix side, i’m not sure how to fix it

Thanks Alento and all of you for the your answers, seems like this feature is not available out-of-the (mailina)box. Given the fact that it may not be good to play around with configurations, I will await for future update…and also file a suggestion.

Thanks guys

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