Clean Hosting Providers?

Good morning all,

I’m wanting to switch to another hosting company as my current Digital Ocean platform has reputational issues, just the usual issues when trying to host from DO.

I had planned on using S4 Hosting and had been in email communication with them, but they have since gone completely dark and haven’t responded to any emails.

I’m needing a new hosting company that can assure us a clean IP, and ideally whom will migrate our existing MIAB installation over for us - could anyone recommend us alternative companies that can do this other than S4 Hosting?

For reference, we’re in the UK, so any servers around our area would be ideal.


I’m not sure it’s easy to find such a hosting company. User @alento might have more info, see e.g. SMTP restricted by Digital Ocean - #7 by alento
An alternative might be to use a service such as AnyMXRelay - AnyDomain LLC

VPS providers like Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr all have reputational issues. You could try a VPS provider like or does not block port 25 and is dual-stack.

Lightnode will unblock port 25 if you pay a security deposit of USD $100.

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