ClamAV by default?


I have seen that there is a manual mode for clamav to be integrated into MAIL but why isn’t clamav integrated by default?

PS I am new to MAIB but I am impressed of what has been done here.

I think the answer you are looking for is here:

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This is great, thanks for the script! However I was just wondering why clamav is not included by default? Seems a good idea to have also antivirus scanning the emails.

After some time of using MaiB I noticed that only a small number of spam passes by the system. So, the default setup, as it is now, seems to work good enough without the antivirus.

I find the theory of antivirus software that discovers new viruses and removes them to be great. However, in practice the antivirus software isn’t finding new viruses. It’s just finding known viruses, and those viruses most of the time are taking advantage of known software vulnerabilities, which nearly always have patches for protection against the virus.

If you are concerned about viruses infecting your computers or devices, the best protection is to keep them updated.

Although it was probably 7 years ago I last ran ClamAV, it caused problems regularly. That said, you can install it as an unsupported modification and I think all you are really changing for MiaB is some postfix configurations.

I understand what you say and see your point. :+1:
Local updates and updated local AV are a better approach!

Thank you!
PS the filters are working quite ok without clamav, anyway!

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