Cinfu vps from Germany

Good day folks.

I would like to advise every Mail In A Box user of my experience when I bought CINFU ( VPS from Germany - the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will not work with Mail In A Box. CINFU resells Hetzner VPSes and the installation abruptly stops and returns to the bash command prompt.

Initializing system random number generator…
Creating SSH key for backup…

Fortunately, I only paid for 1 month about $5+ with Bitcoin, so my loss isn’t much. I chose to try out Cinfu and let you folks know the results of the trial, so you will know their VPS does not work well with Mail In A Box.

Based on my experience, the best VPS providers that work well with Mail In A Box are:

  1. Microsoft Azure (
  2. LightNode (
  3. Akamai Linode (
  4. VPSMalaysia (

UPDATE: Of the 4 VPS providers I listed above, only VPSMalaysia accepts cryptocurrency.

Take care and stay safe.

Have a nice day.


I edited your title since it could have potentially been misleading.

Did you happen to troubleshoot the issue at all? Or reach out on Slack for troubleshooting assistance? I ask as it would be helpful to know why the install stopped. :slight_smile:

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alanto, I have tried “troubleshooting” Mail In A Box by making screenshots of the terminal session.
do you know how do I get the Mail In A Box installation logs? I would like to debug the installation process. I can help if I know which log files to look for. The installation suddenly halts at the “initializing system random number generator” and “creating SSH key for backup”.

Thank you for your help.

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