Choice of DNS software

Hello. I’ve been reviewing mailinabox and I was wondering about the choice of DNS software that is installed with it. Specifically, the scripts install [I]both[/I] NSD [I]and[/I] BIND9. NSD for authoritative, BIND for resolving. This puzzles me a bit, as BIND is quite capable of performing both functions.

I can kind of understand going for NSD as the authoritative-only server, that makes sense. It’s dedicated to purpose, specialized. But if you’re gonna install BIND anyway for resolving, then why not just use it for both and leave out NSD?

Alternatively, you could go the other way and use a resolving-only server like Unbound in combination with NSD.

I’m sure there must be a good reason for this but it’s been bugging me for a while now.

Thanks for all the great work - this is a sorely needed project!

There’s no particular reason. I think I did nsd first and then added bind later when I added DNSSEC support. unbound would have been nicer. We can switch one day.

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