Chevereto save the sent SMTP email

I build my own email server with [Mail-in-a-Box] .Then I found all my user signup email can sent successfully,but I can’t find the sent email in the Sent mail folder .

Well.I solved the problem myself.

Just add one line in /app/lib/functions.php ,under line 149

replace the “”,“your BCC name” with your own.That’s all.

    $mail->Password = getSettings()['email_smtp_server_password'];
    $mail->AddBCC("","your BCC name");

And then set a Filter in MIAB like this.

require ["fileinto"];
# rule:[SaveSentMail]
if anyof (address :contains "from" "", address :contains "from" "")
    fileinto "Sent";


Would you elaborate on this part please? I assume that you are accessing sieve directly but most people (myself included admittedly) would only know to add filters via Roundcube. It would be very helpful if you could add a how-to for this part of your post. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

You can set it like this.

In fact, you only need to set one rule, that is, the email you filled in chevereto.

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