Cheap VPS offers to setup MIAB (or something else)

You’re talking of the first one “HostVDS”. Yes, they seem pretty new. And it’s true a lot of products or even some functionalities appear with the mention “soon” :wink: Hopefully the VPS are working fine, though (what you would be after to install MIAB). But better test it first. Sure.

What information would be missing? I doesn’t really feel like there is any less information than on most other basic VPS provider, or is it? Sure, it’s not some AWS or Oracle Cloud website, where there are tons of things.

I will try an instance to see how it works. One thing I noticed when wanting to deposit with cryptos is that their payment processor offers some pretty bad conversions (they markup the prices in cryptos quite a bit. Not cool! :confused: )

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I just noticed that you are posting links to the services which are referral links. I think you should point that out to make it more obvious that there might be a conflict of interest. :slight_smile:

In another VPS recommendation thread, users (e.g. alento) wrote “Let me know if you desire either. I have an affiliate code if you’re willing to use it.” and I feel like that’s a more honest way to talk with other users on the forum.

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I did at the very end of the post. Sorry if that wasn’t clear enough.
The post was actually a duplicate from this one: More power to Mail-in-a-box (fork showcase) , stating:

I wanted to create a new topic so that it would be easier to find (no, not just because of the referral link :wink: ). I tried to keep it short (shorter than the original post, at least), and well, I thought the end was clear enough. Now if it isn’t, please tell me what you want me to do.

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What is missing is SLA, which is the reason why I say it’s ok for personal test servers, but not recommend it for production use.

Not every user here are professionals, many of them just like the idea of having their own email server, but they may not be in touch with the providers in the market. Thank you for recommending, but it’s only right that I point out it doesn’t have SLA.

Without SLA mean they do not guarantee your service availability, indirectly means your mails will all disappear one day, should they decide to give up their start up dream, with no legal binding agreements, and without notice because they have no legal agreements to do so.

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Very good point, indeed!
(EDIT: I’ve written to them about it. They answered pretty quickly, which is a good point. They said they would update this. Now, we’ll see if and when they actually do it…)

I recently switch to, but I was also wondering if they are up for a production server.
Support has been very good so far, and server have been stable.
Plans starts at $2USD/month, Add volume for $1.25 / month per 256GB additional storage.

ABSOLUTELY! They are the only low end priced VPS provider that I would recommend without hesitation. They have just completed upgrading ALL of their servers to RYZEN 3900 and they are smoking. :wink:


Their network is listed here as Level 3, I’m wondering how reliable is to decide on this rating.

Level 3 Delist

End users: You cannot affect the listing of a Level 3 listing. Please contact your ISP.

To ISPs: Sorry you have been listed. It looks as though a lot of your IPs are used for abuse - please stop listed IPs from abusing. After 7 days of no abuse from said IPs they will be removed from Level 1 - once you are below the trigger point (0.2% or 100 IPs) the Level 3 listing will be automatically removed.

Started using Hetzner today, no major complaints so far:

  • The registration process is fast - but depending on what payment method you use, you probably might be asked to either send over a photo of your ID or do a 20€ deposit;
  • After that stage, deployments are fast (<10 seconds), you get a clean IPv4 address, you get a whole IPv6 subnet if you feel like it, and rDNS is very easy to set up. Port 25 is not blocked.
  • The lowest tier (1 vCPU + 2GB RAM + 20GB SSD) is priced at 2.49€ + VAT/month (for some reason I’m being given prices at 0% VAT, but I gotta review that later Nevermind, Im paying 23% VAT which means the total cost is around 3.06€). That could be explained by the fact they’re using Intel Skylakes, but that’s still a lot of bang-for-the-buck.
  • SLA is barely mentioned but the Terms of Service suggest it exists and it is 99,9%;
  • The only nitpick here is that for some reason the Spamhaus checks always time out. Could be that the VPS’ were wired to their DNS resolvers but even changing that to doesn’t seem to be of much help :thinking:

Despite that, it took me around 60 minutes to get everything set up (the box serving three domains right away) - and Gmail doesn’t flag it as spam :partying_face:

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Not sure why Hetzner seem to have blacklisted me — I open account; don’t want to put in money since just examining service and so give passport image to pass their KYC/checks and then they disabled my account!!!

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I have setup two VPS of their cheapest tier for a week now. So far so good:

  • Installing and reinstalling is really quick.
  • I asked a question to their support and they reacted within a couple of hours.
  • At the moment they offer only Moscow as location.
  • So far the uptime is 100%.
  • Speedtest is far beyond the minimum specification.
  • They have no backups or snapshots yet.
  • I have not tried out their Volumes yet, but it seems easy enough.
  • It is possible to configure access control via their Firewall
  • rDNS can be configured, just ask the support.
  • For payment there are only pre paid options, PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, Webmony, Qiwi and Cryptocurrency.
  • No IPv6 yet.

BTW I do not use it for MIAB yet, I use it for a reverse proxy and a Unifi controller.

If you want to give them a try, you could use my referral.

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Thanks for the report, Jvd!

Oh, that’s a bit disappointing. So, all the locations they claim to offer on their frontpage, you discover later that it’s not available yet!?

Sure, I’ll use your ref. when I give them a try.

I Set up an account there last night … said they had datacenters in Dallas, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Bangalore and Moscow … after i added $10 credit and attempted to set up a VPS the only option was Moscow which is useless to me … im in the USA … i would steer clear of hostvds
(UPDATE) i decided to give it a try anyway … not even able to set up a VPS … no plans

Yes, JvdBBBB reported just above that they only offered the Moscow location for now (I can totally understand being reluctant to use a Russian VPS with all the stigma that may come with it. Justified or not is besides the point). The 2 last messages in the topic were just talking about this. As I’ve said, yes, I don’t like for someone to announce something on their frontpage and you discover only afterwards (after having registered) that they don’t actually offer what they said. This is not cool.

What do you mean by:

??? Your screenshot just show the plans one next to another. You just seem to have to click one in the “flavor” section. Full disclosure: I didn’t register one yet, but by testing the selection of a plan, this is working for me. If I fill every section and get the blue checkmarks, I seem to be able validate at the bottom of the screen (which I didn’t do, so I can’t confirm till the end).

as you see all the options are greyed out … no option to choose i clicked all of the plans …you cannot select any of them. the only problem i have with using a server in Russia is the fact that i and most of my customers are in the USA and thats a long way from here. i prefer to use a server closest to where i am.

Oh, yes, I see it now. I am NOT experiencing this. It may be a specific problem. Maybe try with another browser? Or is there a email verification you didn’t go through or something like this? I don’t know, maybe contact their support about this if you want to setup something there despite it being in RU. I don’t think this should happen. It’s not like it’s the “expected” behavior at this stage.

The distance thing would be totally valid for a website. It would cause a small latency for each page people far away want to view. Now, for emails, I don’t think adding a few tens or hundreds of milliseconds to the delivery of each email has any importance. I feel the distance is pretty irrelevant (or psychological) for email (if that’s what you want to use it for, maybe it isn’t). It would make sense to me to want the email to maybe stay inside the US for security purposes, that’s true. There may be no need to make them travel the world for no reason (security wise). Maybe if there’s really nothing important in them, you don’t care about this.

The only really cheap VPS I found in the US are usually based on OpenVZ. That could be OK for some website or Wordpress hosting for example. For MIAB, the problem is that Ubuntu 18 (anything above 16) can’t run on OVZ. I do have one of such VPS (one I had since a while), I tried installing MIAB on it by downgrading it to Ubuntu 14, it was painful and a lot of time wasted. You could also try to make it run on Ubuntu 16, but anyway, it’s really not worth the effort IMHO.

What is it you’re after? A VPS for MIAB? On the cheap side? Try Oracle, maybe you’ll manage to get their free stuff. Or you can have AWS for 12 months. By searching just for you, the best I found would be this: I don’t know for how long this offer will last (it is a special offer). Here you have 1.5Gb of RAM, KVM virtualization for $19.50 per year (you seem to have to pay for 1 full year), that would be $1.625 per month. (Note: I’m in no way affiliated with them, I don’t know them and there is NO affiliate code in the link. Or if there is some affiliation embedded in the offer, it’s not with me but from where I found the offer. So, no need to take extra steps to not use my affiliate link.)

well thats a long story … i started a thread here —> IPV6 for Mail-in-a-Box i was going to switch Providers but im going to try to keep what i have now.

If you want cheap VPS offers to set up MIAB. Then, I recommended you can take a VPS hosting service from NetforChoie VPS Hosting Service. It offers a wide range of services. This will provide you with hosting services according to your budget. Also, it will give you a lot of information and many types of facilities to host your data. Their expert team will provide you round clock service as well as a 99.995% uptime guarantee.

I have not tried Hetzner but I tried Linode and the Linode website will reject my email address, my telephone number, and my street address as fraud due to problems with Linode’s automatic fraud detection system.

However, when I called up Linode’s 24/7 customer support, their friendly personnel named Kofi was very helpful and manually helped me register an account and even manually helped me get the $100 free credit. He told me that non American accounts have to handled manually.

So, please contact Hetzner and ask them why they “blacklisted” you and post that correspondence here so we all know for transparency reason.

I run on great specs for very low prices.e.g
6 vCPU
12TB transfer
IPv4 + IPv6
$83 per year!

Please use my referral link