Changing ports used

I already set up Mail-in-a-Box and it is working perfectly.
My goal is to run it beside a webserver on the same machine (not only static files). I already read about using PHP but the solutions were not that clear (also I not only want to use PHP). Now I need to know how to change the ports nginx uses (80 and 443) to put in a routing software that routes requests from to port 1000 with my own webserver and the requests to some other ports.
Somebody already asked about the ports but that got no answeres.
I hope someone of you can help me with changing the ports.

Thanks and have a good day!

There’s no supported way to change the ports.

Can’t you set up the webserver on a different host? MiaB is written so it has full control of the machine.

I think you would want to run your website on another host as bronson already mentioned because MiaB is designed to run as an email system. Your MiaB box would still be your DNS server, so you would need to configure the DNS to serve the website from the other host, probably as a CNAME entry that points to the other host.

I found a solution by disabling nginx and installing apache afterwards. This means I will have to switch between these two if I want to access the MiB control panel but I think it shouldn’t be hard to write a little bit NodeJS doing this for me.

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