Changing password using webmail under v60 or 60.1

Don’t use roundcube password page to change user password.
It doesn’t work AND users.sqlite is destroyed !
It should be very important to correct the issue.
My workaround is to stop postfix and dovecot, have a chance to have a backup of users.sqlite to replace the destroyed version and restart postfix and dovecot

I created a backup using the below command. Is this sufficient?

/home/user-data/mail# sqlite3 users.sqlite ".backup 'users.sqlite.backup'"

See Github issue to track this.

If you’re hit by this, you can recover the sqlite database using the following command:
sudo sqlite3 users.sqlite 'PRAGMA journal_mode=delete;'
This way you don’t need to recover from a backup.

Is it possible to disable the password page under roundcube ?

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