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Hi all,

FIrst of all thanks to @JoshData for the project! Setup was a breeze and overall I am really enjoying the project as it suite my needs perfectly. Hopefully I can contribute a bit and help make this a better project!

Anyways, I am wondering if there is a way to update usernames without alias? I setup one ID and the user asked for it to change to something shorter/more unified with their other accounts. I don’t see how to do this in the admin panel. If anyone can point this out to me that would be great.


i was wondering the same the other day. I couldn’t find a solution besides setting up an alias, but that wasn’t the goal, it just made it possible to send an email from that alias, but not usable as login credentials, which would be a great feature to have (to change a username).

A solution i could think of is to create a new account with the new name copy all content over to the new account, then point the old accounts name as an alias to the new account :confused:

but that’s quite complicated

@email_admin I think it is not possible to change the user names in an easy way, because MiaB has a fix process how to handle the creation of user directories (e.g. dovecot LMTP create the user directories based on the E-Mail address inputs). Guess you would then need to manually adjust the user folders and the user DBs, so even if you use @pxl workaround proposal, there is a danger to mix things up. I had a similar issue in regards to the creation of users before MiaB Box DNS is set up fully.

Hi @pxl Thanks for your feedback! I had the same solution as well…

I agree it is a bit over complicated.


Hi @CorneliusLentulus

Interesting info, much appreciated :smiley: about the DNS issues…it’s always DNS isn’t it? :smiley:

Thank you!

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