Change the roundcube interface

As you can see here

How would I go about changing “Mail-in-a-box” and the Support link? I just want it to say something custom.

Edit the Roundcube config file.
$config[‘support_url’] = ‘’;

Note this is from the Debian packaged backport version of Roundcube, so the location of the file is likely in some other directory. Try “locate roundcube/” to find the file.

[Request For Comment] Hello, all i’m wondering why this post is tagged “unsupported modifications”. i have just modified roundcube interface to use custom theme. it works fine.

@gmorris The intended usage of this product is to install as-is without any modifications. This allows for easy maintenance and easy upgrades. If you change anything, this could cause problems with upgrades, and thus is unsupported. The community will try help where they can, but if you’ve changed anything, you shouldn’t expect help here, because you’ve changed the product from how it was intended to be used.