Change smtp hostname (behind proxy)

He Guys,
i setup Mail in a Box behind a reverse proxy. Therefore i had to set the hostname to my local ip. (So the hostname is The Problem now is that mailinabox now thinks the smtp server is Is there a way to change the hostname of these servers (smtp, imap and pop3) ? Thanks for the help

I am afraid that since MiaB is designed to be hosted on a VPS rather than behind a reverse proxy, you have created an ‘unsupported modification’ to your system.

You will need to discover how to properly configure the reverse proxy to use the correct hostname and to correctly proxy the information. A search of this forum may yield some clues, but generally your use case is discouraged.

There are regular reports of problems with MiaB behind a reverse proxy. I have dealt only a little with reverse proxies, but it seems notable that nginx went out of their way to create a separate mail module, so there may be other issues and configurations you need to set, and if I had to guess it’s something to do headers or protocols or something like that.

I think this fixes it:

$ sudo hostname

I think you need to rerun the script after that:

$ sudo mailinabox

The postfix install portion of the script asks for a hostname (or maybe it’s called something else in the setup), but you’ll want to use the same hostname.

(Sorry, got sidetracked in first reply.)

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