Change Password API

Did Mail-In-a-Box have API for change password?

Yes. See tools/ for an example.

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thanks josh for telling me

Is there a reason this isn’t documented with the API examples within the admin area?


There’s no reason - someone just needs to do the work of adding the documentation.

UPDATE! The API py is now under management/ but still includes and option to change a user’s password. See the file for syntax, but basically it’s:

curl -X POST -d “email=email@user.dom” -d “password=pass” --user

I’m testing it out now, so standby for more details. Any info from y’all would be appreciated.

Works both on local machine with script, as well as called from curl - make sure the admin user you include in the code DOES NOT have 2fa/totp enabled or this will not work. I’m now able to change user passwords via a form and passing to curl.

If anyone knows how to make this work with Wordpress, let me know! Thanks!