Change "main" domain but keep the user data


I have currently miab running for 4 domains.
One domain (lets say A) is the “main”, first domain I made the installation with.
On top I have domain B, C and D

Now - I need to move my server because the hoster gets out of business.

I would like to do the following, but have no glue if this is possible.

I would like to order a brand new domain. Let´s say E.
My goal:

  • Have E as the “main” domain of miab
  • Have A, B, C and D as “added domains”
  • Keep all the users + their data

Is this possible? Which way do I need to take?
Thank you for your help!

Yes, this can be possible:

Reference: Migrate from one provider to another - #2 by petrusko

Hi sybe. Thank you for your answer.
The maintenance guide is known to me.
But here I only find how to move a complete box from one hoster to another.
By using the backup - the exact same config is used.
I need to change the “main” domain but keep the user data.
Do I miss something in the docs? Could you point me?

Perhaps see if Changing primary/default domain - #6 by box helps you?

I’m not sure on this since I never had to do this, but probably reinstalling is just the easiest to do

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