Change IP address of box

The IP I was allocated by Digital Ocean last month is blocked by yahoo (and potentially others) as a source of spam. It wasn’t me - the very first mail my new box tried to send to a mail came back with “421 4.7.1 [TS03] Messages from x.x.x.x permanently deferred. Retrying will NOT succeed”. I can only assume the previous user of the address used it as a source of mass spam :frowning:

If I change the IP of my droplet, apart from editing /etc/network/interfaces and updating my glue records, is the IP referenced anywhere else within the mail-in-a-box config? Does the DNS portion of mail-in-a-box just work it out?

I’ve already got SSL certs, and mail set up and in use, so i don’t really want to do a clean re-install…

Hello. It is. You’ll need to run mailinabox (same as setup/ to refresh everything.

That really is simple. Excellent feature! I really do like mail-in-a-box.

I tried 3 more IP addresses, and all were immediately blocked by yahoo as sources of bulk spam. I moved my droplet from Digital Ocean’s London location to their Amsterdam3 location. All worked fine (no yahoo blocking).

So - advice to anyone setting up a mail-in-a-box: Do NOT use a Digital Ocean droplet in their London location - their whole IP block there seems to be blocked by yahoo (and possibly others).