Change file location (STORAGE_ROOT) after install [solved]

Hi all,

firstly. mail-in-a-box is awsome :slight_smile:

All up and running, however, I’d like to change the file location path, as I failed to export the new path before installation (e.g. export STORAGE_ROOT=/your/desired/path)

How, do I change it subsequently? Do I just carry out the installation a new, over the old installation?

thanks in advance.

I would say that you do not. I have never come across this situation but the only way that I would feel comfortable would be to destroy and recreate the VM by reinstalling the OS and starting over completely. There are just too many config files centered around this variable that I would do no less.

Thanks alento, yes, I agree and this is what I did in the end, although would be nice to have an option like that.

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