Change Default Location

i know under there is a section called Advaned states you can change storage root. is the steps to preform this.

  1. export STORAGE_ROOT=/your/desired/path
  2. curl -s | sudo -E bash

and all works the same? or am i missing something? sorry very basic question and I am a begineer at linux.

It does look like that is all you need to do.

After Install i noticed that if i run export the export storage_root location is gone is this suppose to happen? is this going to affect future updates/upgrades?

It specifically says in the instructions you must run the export before the running the script. It’s possible that meant before installing MIAB.

@JoshData - Is this storage_root variable allowed after initial install or must it be done before?

There is an issue on GitHub related to this …

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I did, and eventually it did work but was pretty inconsistent. I had to do it with my root user since it didn’t work when using a non-root user. I found that it seemed to work sometime after the first install, but wouldn’t work when doing a fresh one.

Need to update the instructions on the website to sudo export STORAGE_ROOT=/path/to/place as root account (when using sudo?) might not have access to a users env variables.

When i do sudo export i get “Sudo: export” command not found"

Can you copy the full output (including the full command you used?)


Is this what your wanting?

Oh, you are running the command as root alright, so sudo is not required (and wont work properly anyway)