Change Admin Path

Hello guys,

I am a newcomer to use Mail-in-a-Box.
Could you help me how to change Admin (/admin/) path ?
For example, i have site mail.mywebsite.tld/admin/, for security reason, i wanna change it to mail.mywebsite.tld/KxlqZs/ (only me know where admin path)

And also if you know where is the /admin/ page location in Linux ?, wanna change the design :slight_smile:

Here’s some discussion on changing the admin path: . It sounds like @joshdata is against it. (but maybe I’m misinterpreting).

The admin page is generated in python and styled by Bootstrap loaded off a CDN. You might start with the files in the management/templates directory.

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Thank you for your information, mate

Gonna try my best xD

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