Certs for ns1 and ns2 subdomains?

Is it possible to add DNS entries for the ns1 and ns2 subdomains?

I would like for them to be navigable via the web, but because the main domain SSL cert isn’t a wildcard, a browser warning appears because the cert being served is the one for the domain itself, minus the ns1 or ns2 subdomain.

I’m wondering if I added ns1 and ns2 in Custom DNS, would anything break? I kinda don’t want to risk nuking everything with experimenting. :smiley:

I am sorry, but I have to ask - why?

Name servers are not meant to be browsed with a web browser. Even if the subdomain had the cert, it would not function as the subdomain would not be listed in the nginx server block.

Well… :smiley: the way nginx is configured currently in MIAB, it is possible to navigate to them in any web browser, only the SSL cert does not cover them.

I understand no one expects them to be browsed, but that does not prevent anyone from browsing them. They are completely public components of the DNS system. Just because people don’t normally configure them to be pretty does not mean it cannot or should not be so.

The fact that MIAB currently attempts to resolve them, makes this 1 step from plausible.

I am sorry but what is your end goal here @jjj ?

When I browse ns1/ns2 I am directed back to the box.domain.tld home page … so nginx ignores the ns1/ns2 sub-subdomain.

Why do you want them to be browsable, and what do you expect someone who does browse there to be able to do?

I am only redirected after accepting that the SSL certificate is not for the correct sub/domain combo. Using Safari on macOS. Until I accept that the SSL certificate does not cover ns1 or ns2, the page remains unviewable, and no redirect occurs.

I haven’t tried in any other browsers yet.

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