Certificate verify faild

I guess this is the correct category, sorry if not.
I have been stuck on this thing for a couple of days already. So far i have trying to solve the problem at the web server side. I have an application that sends emails to the users and I’m using mail in box as the email server. On my developing machine, windows, the application connects to my email server and sends the email. It connects SMTP, with TLS, to 587. When i move to my server, ubuntu, it fails with a “certificate verify failed”.
As i said i have been concentrating all my efforts on the web server, followed every single lead and updating many things but i always come to the same problem. I have other sites on the server and all of them use a different email server and there are no problems sending email.
So i have to explore the possibility that my mail in a box server is not working correctly, maybe the windows machine is less strict with certificates. The whole message is:

OpenSSL Error messages: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed

I think this tells me that tried to get the certificate from the email server and was not able to do so.

Any ideas are welcome at this point. Thanks

PD. Looking at the status check of my system, for the domain that i’m trying to use says that there no TLS certificate installed for this domain. When i go to the TLS certificate i click on provision, but doesnt seem to do much. On install certificate the TLS/SSL certificate is blank and the TLS/SSL intermidiate chain is blank.
I think here is the problem.

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