Certificate subject and host name mismatch

what’s roundcube? sorry if that seems like a stupid question if thats the webmail part I’m able to login to it just fine from the website

Then the issue is that you have potentially configured the Gmail app incorrectly, or the Gmail app sucks.

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I don’t see how I configured it incorrectly I logged into it like any other email I know when I log into my school email on my phone it doesn’t do the same thing as when I logged into my custom email

Does the Status checks page in the admin dashboard report any issues with the domain?

here’s everything that it says

Please see my post here for changing from password-based SSH login to key authentication.

You should go into your VPS dashboard and set the rDNS record to match your MiaB hostname (e.g., box.example.net).

You should go into your registrar admin panel and set your DS records.

MiaB states that the records are configured correctly, so there is some kind of problem with the app.

There should be somewhere in the app that will tell you the app’s settings for the IMAP server and the SMTP server. Verify they are correct as what is stated in the Instructions page of the MiaB admin dashboard.

Is the email address that you are logging in on the SAME domain as the MiaB server?

i.e. box.domain.tld ?

If not, the way that the gmail client works it will not properly log in.

I did it the default way which put the email at example.tk not box.example.tk

Right, and the Gmail client is logging in to box.example.tk to read email from the domain example.tk and this is what is causing your mismatch.

I’d suggest using a proper mobile email client. The gmail client is specifically for gmail. Although it does allow you to ‘log in’ to an email account via imap, it does not do this in an efficient manner as evidenced here.

I have logged in on a better email client than Gmail but it always does this

Let me see the settings screen of that email client please. You may PM if you do not want to post it publicly.

Without knowing what that email client is referring to as ‘all certificates’ makes this a bit impossible. I suspect it is the same situation. i.e. box.domain.tk.

Usually this means that the client is asking if it should verify the certificate is valid through a chain of trust, or just blindly connect to anything that presents a certificate.

You have likely experienced the same thing on a browser, where the browser warns you that there is a mismatch between the domain you want to view and the domain in the certificate.

For MiaB, you should require the client to verify the trust chain of the certificate so you know you are always connecting to the MiaB server.

it wants to do it like this

You’re using the wrong server. It should be box.fee-mail.tk.

Please be sure to review the Instructions page in the MiaB admin dashboard under the Mail & Users menu.

Where it states Mail Server box.example.net this means both the IMAP server and SMTP server use the value.

Also note you should not use the “Accept all certificates” option.

Are you able to share the server name so we can check the certificates directly?

If you’re not willing to share it on the main forum, you could drop me a PM.


what do you mean server name do you mean server url?

That’s correct. Just so I can try connecting to it and see what’s going on with the certificate.


I personal messaged you it

I was having a look at the screenshot you posted. Not sure why the server name shows mismatch, but have you tried changing the server name to box.fee-mail.tk. As by default the server name drops to the bare domain. I’m seeing the same when I try to enter a mail in my ravenstar68.co.uk domain. The Gmail app defaults to putting the server name as ravenstar68.co.uk However if I change it to my box.timothydutton.co.uk it works.