Certificate Status eroor

First time I installed MiaB as per the video instructions but seeing this error even after 18 hrs. The mail box is working fine. Please advise whether to have this error common after the installation.

Certificate status

Domain Certificate Status Actions
box.lenvica.org Self-signed. Get a signed certificate to stop warnings. The domain name does not resolve to this machine: [Not Set] (A). [Install Certificate]

Absolutely not possible. You do not have DNS set up properly. The only thing you likely are able to do at this point is send email (with limited success).

Thanks for prompt rejoinder. I am also surprising. I checked right now and found mail was successfully sent and received from Gmail & my other company accounts. I changed to “Gandi’s LiveDNS nameservers” and the issue is not resolved.

Yes, but not via Mail-in-a-Box. You are sending and receiving email via Gandi’s servers.

Now I changed back the Gandi’s LiveDNS to external ns1 & ns2.box.lenvica.org. surprisingly the original error disappeared. Having difficulties to access box.lenvica.org but IP address is working. I will explore further. Thanks for your comments.

You may need to allow some time for DNS to fully propagate.

Finally it is up & running fine. When I installed first time I did not get the option for ‘Provision’ to generate the certificates under the admin panel. Later I deleted the droplet and reinstalled MiaB afresh. Everything came back perfectly.

I have one more query on migrating the mailboxes to this server. Please share the link for documents explaining how we can move/copy the existing mail boxes to MiaB.

Correct. Your DNS was horribly broken. Without proper DNS records, Let’s Encrypt will not provision a SSL certificate.

I will assume that you saved the file secret_key.txt somewhere safe? You can find the instructions in the bottom 2/3 of this page under the “Restore your mail data (and other files)” section.


If your old installation were still active, you could have simply used rsync to copy the MailDirs from the old server.