Catch-All using [] - Help


I have configured my server and would like my email accounts to appear on catch-all using an email verifier like

How to enable catch all?
Will you recommand this?

Where email send to catch all domains will be stored?
Does it make sense to reduce ISP loads



Not sure exactly what you want to do … but:

  • MIAB does not do “catch-all”.

  • Services like are checking that an email address exists; a catch-all is accepting addresses to do not exist; so I using both is contradictory. I do not (normally) recommend things that don’t make sense.

  • No it would not reduce load. It would increase load by accepting mail that should have been rejected.

Thx Andrew

I wanted my team to use this to clean up their outgoing communcations:

I was wandering how many emails a day are sent to catch-all domains increasing loads and resource usage unnecessarily

We are commited here to reduce our CO2 footprint and my manager wants our email strategy to fit in

Miab has a catch all option under Alias. I use it all the time for site specific login credentials with a subdomain. This way I know who leaked my personal details.


I just have a single email box that receives the @login.domain.tld

Are you maybe referring to something else?

Sorry - I’m clearly wrong on that bit. MIAB can do catch-all aliases - duh.

@eXTric Have you seen MIAB’s “tag” addressing, it might be a simpler way of doing what you mention. Everything after a “+” in the email username is ignored (like so anyone can use me+netflix@domain.tld etc, without needing to setup multiple aliases.

@Huyuo I thought you were talking about incoming emails. If you want to know about outgoing emails to catchalls, it wouldn’t be very difficult to scan the log files to extract email addresses, then try them against mailtester or similar.

I am sure that’s not something MIAB does! :rofl:

The issue with the + in the email username is that many sites actively block this approach.
I even had sites that did not allow their cpm any name in the email and I had to revert to tactics like substituting vowels for numbers: I > 1 or E > 3