Catch All forwarding doesn't work

When I create an alias using
as the source, it doesn’t work.

However, when I specify a specific incoming address like
it does work.

This is problematic because I would have to create numerous aliases in my system.

This works fine for me. Are you sure you’ve clicked the “Catch-All” button at the top when you’re trying to create this?

If you click the “Catch-All” button at the top, in the Alias field you just need to enter the domain name,, so it knows what domain you’re creating it for, then in the “Forwards to” input box you enter the email address that the “caught” mail should be forwarded to. This must be a valid email address on your MiaB box.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Would you take a look at the aliases I created to see if they are correct, please?

In this case, when I receive an email in one of the accounts on my domain, it’s not being forwarded to the ‘operacao’ mailbox. It remains being received in each of the email accounts on the domain. However, if I create a specific alias by writing the complete email address, it does work. Could this be related to admin/regular accounts, perhaps?

What I see in your screenshot is that you have a catch-all setup for the domain that forwards everything to the user account Then you have the usual aliases, abuse, admin, etc, set to forward to the account.

Maybe I’m not entirely understanding what the issue is, but something you said confused me a bit. And just so there’s no confusion about what a catch-all is, a catch-all will only forward email to the account if the recipient email address does not exist on the server. So, let’s just assume the address qwerty123 does not exist on your domain as a user or alias, then if you send an email to, I would expect that email to arrive in the mailbox for operacao. But if you send an email to a real address or an alias, then it should not be forwarded to operacao.

Wow, thanks so much for your explanation. I misread the catch-all definition, and I had a different idea in my mind. I thought it would redirect all the emails that ARE in my list of mails to a certain address. Now I understand it will forward only the ones that ARE NOT in my list.

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