CardDav/CalDav autodiscovery

I just synced DavDroid to connect my Android phone and MIAB.

When setting it up, the default method of entering an email address and password doesn’t work and I had to enter in the box.[mailinabox domain] url to make it work. I would guess that this is because MIAB doesn’t provide whatever autodiscovery is necessary to make this work?

Is MIAB missing DNS SRV records, or something? I couldn’t see an existing issue for this, but wanted to check what is necessary before creating one.

You would have to figure out what method DavDroid does for autodiscovery.


Service discovery
DAVdroid supports both service location discovery by SRV/TXT records and well-known URLs.

To use CalDAV and CardDAV in one DAVdroid account, make sure these redirects are present on your server:

/.well-known/caldav → CalDAV service path (302 Found), e.g. /remote.php/caldav/
/.well-known/carddav → CardDAV service path (302 Found), e.g. /remote.php/carddav/

If these redirects are configured correctly, you can use the root URL http(s):// your.server.example/ without any additional paths as the base URL in DAVdroid.

So my guess is that MIAB would need the SRV/TXT records to point to “box.” instead of the main domain and then the well-known URLs. Given that entering in the box. URL worked and I didn’t have to do the caldav and carddav parts separately, I’m wondering if the well-known URLs are working already and it is just the SRV/TXT records that are missing. Does that sound right?

It’s probably either-or (either SRV or well-known URLs). We definitely don’t have SRV records, but we could add it. That’s probably the best route.

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