Can't serve static website

Got my MIAB setup all configured and working, but I can’t change the static website the site serves. I have changed the index.html file in the www/default folder, and set up another directory for the main domain. I put the modified index.html file in both directories, but when I go to the site ( it still serves the default “this is a mail in a box” page. However if I type in it serves my modified index page. Does anybody know why this is? How can I get it to display the index.html I put in the folder?

You have changed the directory on the Web tab in the admin page?

I feel pretty stupid now, but it’s working. I did change the directory and all the files were in the correct place. I checked it on two devices to make sure it wasn’t a cache issue, but when I went ahead and cleared the cache anyway it worked. All good now, just had to clear the cache.

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