Cant send more than 200 emails per minute? Potential settings on MIAB?

Hello folks

I was wondering if anyone can help me here.
I’m using Mailwizz EMA on server (16 VCPU and 32 GB ram) ,
and my SMTP build with MIAB running only on 2GB ram

I’m trying to send more emails per minute to 500/min but when i set this at my Mailwizz the maximum I get is about 200/minute.

Checked my Mailwizz EMA and i think everything seems ok So I’m wondering is it due to my MIAB settings limited the connections per minute or maybe my SMTP server spec?

Appreciate any help and advice!

Wondering why you need to send so much email so fast…


MIAB is intended for individual, personal use and so is not designed to support that level of throughput. But it’s open source, so you can customize the code on your own, but it’s not supported.

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As Mail In A Box (MIAB) is intended for personal use or small businesses therefore it is not recommended to use it for sending bulk email. Even Gmail limits outgoing emails to 500, while other email providers like Namecheap limit outgoing emails to 200 emails.

These limitations are there to prevent unsolicited commercial email or spam.

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