Can't send emails, but I can receive

Hello, I am a newbie, sorry if my question sound dumb. I just installed mail-in-a-box on ubuntu 18.04 on digitalocean vps, but emails sent to hotmail are bouncing back, and emails sent to gmail aren’t even being received. but I can receive emails. is my SMTP configured right ??? any help fixing this please ? thanks you all

From the maintenance guide:

  • Mention that you “checked the status page, re-ran setup, and rebooted the box”, per the steps above, so that anyone answering knows what you have tried so far. If you don’t mention this, someone may ask you to do it before providing other assistance.
  • If everything in the System Status Checks is green, mention that by saying “all checks are green”. If something isn’t green, mention it.

Try sending to a non-gmail, non-hotmail address. Gmail and hoptmail are both very disagreeable, when it comes to receiving email. Hotmail has a process you can go through to be recognised as legitimate. Gmail not so much so, but send TO your MIAB from a gmail address a few times, then try the reverse.

And somemore “advanced” checks:

Thanks Andrew, I think you just helped. I guess by trying over and over and using different email addresses if works. Thank you very much