Can't send email by BCC

I’m using Exchange ActiveSync method to add my email to Outlook 2016, but when I use BCC to send mail, it didn’t send. The mail’s being placed in Outbox section. What’s wrong with it ? Please help me figure out it. Thanks so much

hello your email account configure successfully in outlook how to do that i can’t configure is it use for bulk email or not please reply me thank you

Most likely you haven’t configured outlook correctly. I’d try deleting the account and trying again following the instructions in the admin panel.

Um… first off, if you need to send bulk mail, mail in a box is not the right solution for you. You want sendgrid/mailgun/mailchimp etc.

Secondly, there are instructions on how to configure your mail in a box installation in the admin panel. Follow those.

Thanks bro, I already fixed it. Just forgot fill a To: field. So my box works like a charm right now.

but mail in a box have all setting are correctly for bulk emailing but sendgrid,mailchip is very costly

Sendgrid, mailchimp etc. are costly for very good reasons.

In my humble opinion, MIAB is not the right solution for Bulk Email, and the large MTA’s are very good at what they do and cost money for very good reasons: delivery rates, being blacklisted, legal exposure, etc.

The only people who don’t care about those things and want to send “bulk email” tend to be spammers, and well, please don’t spam, and please don’t use MIAB to send spam.

I think you shouldn’t use MIB to send bulk mail, as @cromulus said, it will bring to you many problems and money, you can use mailchimp, it has a Free program for all. But its up to you.