Can't receive to an alias address

Hi, I have my mail-in-a-box all set up correctly it seems (everything is checked off good on the status page). I made an alias on the same domain as my admin account domain. I can send from this alias but I can’t receive. I get a delivery failed: unknown account message. The alias is set up on the aliases admin area. The aliases made by the system seem to work (like, I can receive email on them. But any other address I make via aliases I can’t receive. Thanks for having a look.

I am curious … what steps are you taking to send from this alias?

Make sure your alias is setup so that it forwards to another email.

If you can send from your alias, then you setup a rule to send as your alias from another email, or instead actually have a user.

Sure, to send, after adding alias in admin area, i added it in roundcube identities.

Is the alias set to deliver to another alias, or to a user?

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So my main domain is a tld, so my main domain is like “” then I have my main admin email as I created alias emails like that forward to

I realized too I can’t receive on the main admin account email, so I am thinking it isn’t an issue with alias but an issue receiving in general maybe? All of my items on the status page are good so I think all of my domain settings are correct.

the alias goes to my admin main email, the one I log into the admin area with

thanks @alento for the help, it was user error or something wrong with my other email account I was using to test with (not Miab) Thanks so much!

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