Cant login into admin page

Hey guys I have a few issues i was hoping you would be able to assist me.

1GB Ram Droplett, from DigitalOcean, Running Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.

I was able to get everything install and working perfectly yesterday, and then today I am unable to log into the admin page, i thought maybe i forgot my password so i reset my password

sudo /root/mailinabox/tools/ user password admin@myemail. newpassword
*Changed the email and password obviously.
Got “OK” from server, then went to log into admin page, it says “Incorrect username or password”, But I am able to log into webmail just fine… (things that make you go hmmm)

So I thought maybe user was not an admin accound so i ran the following:

sudo /root/mailinabox/tools/ user make-admin admin@myemail
got “OK” from the server, Still unable to log into admin page

So I thought i would run the following command

sudo /root/mailinabox/tools/ user
I get the following


I got totally frustrated and even shutdown my droplett and restarted it.

Any thoughts or suggustions?

Ok an update.

I was able to login and access my page off my corp Wifi (on Cellular), what could be blocking this?

It’s possible your IP was blocked by fail2ban?

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