Can't Login from system

I updated to v0.44 on Wednesday. and when I did it locked out everyone from using an email system that uses login to send emails via SMTP. I found out one of the users had the wrong password and I think it was fail2ban or something similar that has locked them out however I have not been able to figure out how to clear the lockout.

Error logs from your MiaB please … sounds like they may be using an outdated method of authentication.

So I don’t want to break anything. Not sure what to do to see the logs.

Should I run this Its located in /mailinabox/management

@spencer Do you have time to come to the MiaB slack now?

I’m on there now SpencerH

As am I! :slight_smile:

Did someone resolve this. I have old mail clients like outlook 2010 that cannot login now
Please help I think is TLS 1.1 1.2 not enabled anymore

TLS 1.1 is no longer supported. Your users need to upgrade their email client.

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