Can't edit/remove abuse@ aliast

Hi! I tried to create alias abuse@example to non-admin user (eq. abusemail@example), but MIaB didn’t allow to create it. So i escalate abusemail@example to admin, create alias abuse@example pointed to abusemail@example and deescalate abusemail@example. After that, abuse@example now pointing to default administrator alias (administrator@mydefault.example)

So now I can’t do anything with abuse@example - it’s a Schrödinger alias. MIaB tells me it doesn’t exist, when I want delete it through API* and tells me it already exists, when I want create it from API or WEB.
(*) API, because in WEB I see it on aliast lists, but don’t have edit/remove icons.

What’s more, not working for me, so I can’t do operations on CLI:
/home/myuser/mailinabox/tools# ./
./ line 3: management/ No such file or directory

That’s a by-design feature I am afraid.

What is by design? That I can’t edit existing alias? I know, that I can’t:

  • create user abuse@ for security reasons, it’s feature
  • create alias abuse@ pointed to non-admin user for security reasons, it’s feature

But can’t edit/remove alias abuse@ is an obvious bug, not feature.

I repair
management/ “$@”
I change to:
…/management/ “$@”
and do:
./ alias remove abuse@example
./ alias add abuse@example adminuser@example