Can't access my admin panel - Connection Refused

Hi There, I setup two different instances of MIAB over two years ago. They both have been working fine until one just stopped working and I realised today. I cannot access at all. I have restarted the server and even reinstalled MIAB? Any idea what could be wrong?

The page seems to be loading.

Are you able to access from a different IP address?

Thank you very much for this. After hours of struggling, I just turned off my wifi and used data connection from my phone and it works. What is strange is that I was able to access the other email server with the same connection.

Thank you so much

Perhaps try a different device from the same IP address. Maybe you’ve somehow tripped fail2ban?

I can definitely confirm that it works from a different network but fails from my home network. Is it maybe blacklisted somewhere somehow? My home network that is?

A different device on the same IP also fails but if I connect it to a different network it works.

It seems likely your IP address is banned. You first should try and figure out why it was banned. Here is a tip from a different thread:

After that, you can unban the IP address and optionally add your IP address to a whitelist, but this really shouldn’t be necessary if you discover the reason you ended up on the list and resolve it.

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Thank you very much, it is Fail2Ban that has blacklisted my IP. I ran the command iptables -n -L on the command line on the server and it showed that my Router’s public IP is blocked. I think some emails on my machine had incorrect passwords and that is why I ended up being blocked. Thank you, I have been assisted :slight_smile:

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