Canonical Livepatch Service


So I’ve updated to Ubuntu 18.04, updated MIAB, and went through a few glitches, but am running fine now. I do notice that when I SSH to my MIAB box, my Ubuntu 18.04 Welcome screen is telling me about the " Canonical Livepatch Service". Is it advisable to use this with MIAB or does anyone have any comments about this? From what I’m reading, can potentially take another regular maintenance chore out of the routine.


I would do this. It allows you to apply kernel patches without a reboot. So less down time for you.


Thanks Murgero. I wholeheartedly agree. I just didn’t want to enact a non-sanctioned MIAB change.


I mean, it wont be supported here, but I highly doubt it will cause problem.

Just take a snapshot / backup of your VM before applying the update, worst case you role it back