Cannot send emails to Outlook/Microsoft accounts


I have MIAB installed on VPS. Everything is setup and working, I can send and receive emails to/from google accounts and other domains, but cannot send emails to Outlook/Microsoft one (I can only receive emails from them)

I have opened all email ports (25,587,465,993, etc)

What is causing this? Maybe anyone has similar case?

Also one more thing, when testing email spam check ( it doesn’t work, just loading

Did you try this How to unblock from Microsoft / Hotmail / Live ?

I had the same. Microsoft blocks whole networks (AS) if one IP from this AS sends spam. I created a ticket for MS and asked them to unblock my IP. At first, they rejected it, but I asked to escalate it to a second level of support. I explained the situation, and they agreed to do it. Good luck.

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