Cannot seem to connect to mailinabox after setup

The page now loads fine. Not sure what a 3rd install of mailinabox has to do with it but I’ll take it!

Now I run into the problem of it not recognizing my admin password. I tried the instructions listed here: Reset Admin Password, but it gave me an error of the following:

root@box:~# sudo /root/mailinabox/tools/
/root/mailinabox/tools/ line 3: management/ No such file or directory

I have verified that the directory /root/mailinabox/tools has the file in it, however it will not work as explained.

It appears that the method there may no longer work, as someone else had the same issue. I have never logged on to this bot as anything other than root, and have never created another user account.

Sorry if this is a lot, I do appreciate the help you’ve provided thus far.