Cannot open the site in the directory /home/user-data/www/default

Good evening installed maib very much need help. Mail works without problems but with the installation of the site I have a problem. As I understood the site will work only in the directory /home/user-data/www/default. Is it possible to make the site to be placed in /var/www? I’ve been suffering for two days and can’t find an answer. Site when I place here /home/user-data/www/default then the subscription page kicks out error 404 as I realized that the error in php maybe there is a possibility to enable php? In short I am confused. Please help

To set the location for your web files, go to the admin page and choose “web” - like

MIAB supports serving static web pages only (see Mail-in-a-Box Setup Guide). Anything more complex really should be on a separate server - though MIAB is quite happy providing (custom) DNS records for all your other servers.

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I uploaded the files but the user subscription form page contains php and kicks out error code 404
Can this problem be solved?

Short answer is “no”, you should serve only static files - html and images.

Long answer is “anything can be done with enough effort - your effort - but shouldn’t!”

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I would advise against using PHP as this will overload the Mail in a Box server. I am running MIAB on an old netbook with 1GB RAM and a 250MB HDD and I satisfied with static web pages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Besides my web server is an IPv6 only web server.

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