Cannot get Reverse DNS Configured on new setup

Yesterday I set up a test MIAB install to try things out before migrating an existing mail server over. Everything went swimmingly and I was able to successfully set up rDNS on my virtual server with no issues. I reinstalled a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 to do the actual migration. I followed the guide and again everything went smoothly. Status Check is all green check marks except:

Your box’s reverse DNS is currently, but it should be Your ISP or cloud provider will have instructions on setting up reverse DNS for your box.

When I try to change the rDNS in my VPS control panel I get the error:

Cannot find ‘A’ DNS record type for the specified reverse.

Using MXToolbox I do a search for A records for and everything looks fine so far as I can tell. Any ideas? Is it just an issue with propagation? I did finished this initial setup approx 12 hours ago.

Side note: I also tried creating an A record from the Custom DNS page adding just “mail” for the subdomain and the correct IP Address. When I click “Set Record” the record is created but the pop up box says “something isn’t right”. I’ve since deleted that record just in case it was throwing a wrench in things.

Reverse DNS can only be setup at your registrar or ISP.

Example: if you bought the server from Digital Ocean, you have to open a ticket and request what is called a “PTR” record.
Same with ScaleWay, Nocix, etc etc.

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