Cannot create admin user for different domain

Hi all,

I can’t seem to make an admin user say for instance:


It says the following:

You may not make a user account for that address because it is frequently used for domain control validation. Use an alias instead if necessary.

Is there some way to work around it other than making a user admin or an alias?

Kind regards,


If I am not mistaken there’s already an admin account this is why you are not allowed to create a new one under the same domain.
Or you might need to clarify if it’s a different case.

In fact if you check your aliases page you will see that : hostmaster@, postmaster@, and admin@ email addresses are required on some domains.

Hi PascM,

I found a workaround at the moment to create the admin account, it’s actually an account that I want to create under a different domain name (so not the domain name I created while setting up mail-in-a-box).

Workaround is to comment line 264 and 268 in management/ and restart mailinabox.

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