Can you send bulk HTTPS emails without a CDN?

  1. How can you send emails with HTTPS links without using Cloudflare or any cdn?
  2. How many emails per minute/second can be sent using a cron from a website?
  3. Can you receive API with the response from receiver’s ISP - opened, clicked, rejected and why?

Hi @Learning

If you are asking these questions specifically of MiaB, none of this is supported by this project.

Do you know any software that does support that?

This sounds like something that your major bulk email providers supply. Companies such as MailGun, SendGrid, etc. Perhaps even Amazon SES.

I’ve been using Sendy in conjunction with Amazon SES for 7 years. I do not use my MIAB server to send the emails.

If you have the skills to setup MIAB then you have the skills to setup Sendy.

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