Can we contribute a small but monthly recurring support to MiaB?


I was wondering if there is already a method setup by the author to gather funds to probably fund other authors to improve MiaB. For e.g., Patreon recurring payments and most of us already have it.

One time payments are difficult. But it would be nice to make recurring donations monthly and if many do, it can but the authors of the project more resources to improve MiaB. Just a thought. Thanks for responses.

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Hi Alento, thanks for quoting this message from the author. I noticed that thread is now closed. But I do have a counter proposal.

I would suggest that people might not be able to substantial recurring amounts. Please don’t get me wrong, they might want to. But some might be students, myself one, and others might not be under best financial states to make lasting recurring support.

My proposal is that the author creates a fund based on a potential feature he thinks is important but doesn’t have the time to invest. When the fund reaches maturity, the author hires a developer and pushes the code mainstream. The process can take even an year but who cares! Its a a community funded feature.

What bugs does this idea have?

Does “the author” refer to me? Or to anyone with an idea for Mail-in-a-Box?

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Yep. Im refering to you, sorry I wasnt clear earlier.