$ Can Someone Do it for Me!

I am an old tech guy that is a leader private community that believes in liberty and wants abundance for all. I see the emails are not being delivered, because the mail man has decided he will not deliver them, not even to the spam box. The privacy is also being eroded and all email is being taken over by Google in the background. I looked into setting up a email system for my community. The cost out there is crazy, mostly wanting to charge per email account, and we have a very large community, most with very little money.

I do not have the bandwidth to setup and manage a Mail-In-a-Box, so I want to know if there is a company or individuals that will set one up for me and manage it monthly for a small fee.

PM me if you want. We can discuss details.

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Not sure how to do a private message here. abundancemind@protonmail.com TelegramID = @DanLutz

Otherwise, i can also setup MiaB. I don’t have telegram

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