Can other apps be hosted on the MiaB server?

It seems from the documentation that MiaB needs a dedicated server (which I have set up successfully), and that the MiaB update process will erase anything else on the server. I find it a little hard to understand what’s really happening, and why (it seems) that I can’t install any other software on the same box. For example, I would like to run a short-URL service (YOURLS) on the same box (also using Marina/Nginx).

Mail-in-a-Box updates/upgrades/maintenance will rewrite many config files back to their defaults. For this reason, it is not recommended to make system changes.

There are some things that will not interfere at all … for instance I install WebMin on all of my MiaB servers.

There is no way that we could offer support to cover the endless number of modifications that are possible. So for that reason, modifications are discouraged. If you are an IT pro and can decipher the scripts to determine what can and cannot work, knock yourself out! But please do not expect anyone to be able to assist you once you have made unsupported modifications.

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OK. Got it. Well, sounds like I should be able to create new databases and run other nginx sites without any issues (as long as I am able to keep the nginx site config for my other site(s) out of reach for the MiaB scripts.

Nginx is a problem area usually … but if you have your site in a separate vHost you just may be ok. Honestly though, I have not experimented so I cannot say with complete certainty.

The big issue will be running 2 different databases … MiaB uses SQLite. So I would imagine port conflicts with the databases? /shrug

Hm… A few things to think about and experiment with her. (Learning opportunity ahead… ) :slight_smile:

I would only use MIAB for mail, and make a new VM for other things.


Is cost the issue? I run MIAB on a $5 Linode without an issue for multiple domains. I’d try to avoid modifying MIAB too much just to save afew bucks. It runs so well that modifying it could cause quite a bit of pain later for upgrades.

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SQLite doesn’t use ports. It is directly accessible as a file which is all it is. Applications or libraries will open the database/file directly. No issue at all to have lots of sqlite databases running. Lets ignore WAL files for the moment.

You can put various 3rd party wrappers around SQLIte so it behaves more like a client server database but that’s non-standard.


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the info … I make no secret that I am not a database/front end guy so I am not familiar with all of the ins and outs … thanks for teaching me something new.

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